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Pennine Plus started out like many independent companies do, with friends and family laying the foundations that enabled us to thrive into the business that we are today. Want to know a little more about us? Then scroll down to learn more about what makes us different.

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We’ve been serving our community for over forty years, so we have had quite the history, but we’ll try to keep it brief… We wouldn’t want your first impression of us to put you to sleep now!

Geoff Higgins started a television repair and aerial installation company called ESC TV Ltd over forty years ago with a couple of close friends. As the years passed, the company has expanded and evolved as most companies do. For some thirty years the company, now trading as Pennine Plus, has been based in Cavendish Street, Keighley, and has earned an enviable reputation for supplying state of the art TVs, audiovisual systems as well as other domestic electrical items. Our reputation has been built on the ability to provide customers with a select range and exciting choice of high-quality equipment, coupled with extensive installation experience.

We pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide on any service we offer, from initial design concepts and installations through to full after sales support.

Why should you trust us?

Just because a business has been around for a while, that’s not always a sure way of knowing how trustworthy or experienced the business really is, so take a look below at just a few snippets from our extensive portfolio of works we’ve carried out, for an independent business, we’ve strived for greatness, and couldn’t be prouder of our achievements.

Simply The Best for Tina Turner

26th October, 2006

Custom House AV – Part of Pennine Plus, has helped kit out the star’s villa in the south of France. A multi-thousand-pound audio system has been installed in around a dozen rooms of the luxury development. The work was carried out by Martin Hull, a former employee of Pennine Plus who now lives in Cannes and acts as an agent in southern France for the company. He had previously done work for Tina’s producer, who passed on a recommendation. Craig Taylor, director at Pennine Plus, said: ‘Martin worked for us for four years but he had a love of France and decided to go live there. He maintained the trade he had learned with us and developed it and we have always kept in touch and continued to support him. Martin said he had been offered the opportunity of the job at Tina Turner’s villa and asked if we could help out. We were delighted to.

Pace Coup For Hi-Tech Shop

9th April, 2003

An independent Keighley retailer has become the first electrical shop in the country to take delivery of the UK’s first digital terrestrial personal video recorder manufactured by Pace Micro Technology. Geoff Higgins, who runs Pennine Plus in Cavendish Street, pulled off the coup thanks to his long-standing business relationship with Saltaire-based hi-tech giant Pace. He’s been dealing with the company since its formation in 1982, supplying Pace with televisions and other equipment used for product development and testing. In turn, Pennine Plus has for many years sold Pace digital boxes. Mr Higgins added: ‘It’s a fantastic piece of kit and we feel it is a major honour, and something of a coup for Keighley.’

Sky Retailer Of The Year Award

17th September, 2007

A Keighley company has been named Sky Retailer of the Year and Regional Retailer of the Year. Pennine Plus and Custom House AV received the accolade at the Indies, Sky’s independent retailer awards. The ceremony was held at Celtic Manor Resort near Newport and Geoff Higgins, managing director of the Cavendish Street firm, travelled to collect the prize. He said: ‘It proves that all our hard work – to have the staff and engineers who are the best trained, best sales people, and motivated people in our business sector and who have immense pride in being part of a forward thinking company. Embracing the digital television revolution – has been worthwhile.’


Tiny Hamlet Ecstatic

14th October, 2017

After struggling with a connection that barely allowed them to receive emails, homeowners in Slipper Ford, near Oakworth, can now stream any digital content. ‘Thanks to Pennine Plus and Boundless Networks, we now have wireless broadband and no longer feel isolated.’ said Alison Porter, a resident of Slippery Ford. Pennine Plus were a prime contractor for the installations in the area and for their knowledge of the community. They have been a key pillar in instigating the project. Pennine’s managing director, Geoff Higgins, said: ‘It’s an incredible feeling to be a part of something such as this – to be able to provide these people with what is nowadays considered a basic necessity of modern day life, broadband.’

Slippery Ford

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